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Support Weekly, Fortnightly and Monthly Payrun

  • Employees are assigned pay group and be paid Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly

  • Compliant and up-to-date with local legislation

  • Automatically pro-rates payment for new Joiners and Leavers

Support Multiple Pay Rates, Fixed OT Rates

  • Employees can be paid hourly, daily or monthly rate

  • Fixed OT rates can be maintained for individual employee 

Support bulk uploads of Allowances, Deductions and Bonus

  • Allowances, Deductions and Bonus can be individually entered or upload in bulk via EXCEL template

Provide employees with Itemised payslips

  • Automated generation of Itemised payslips to Employees

Integrate with Time Attendance, Leave, Claim modules

  • Sync expense claims, overtime payment, under time and no pay leave deductions with payroll

Generate Files to CPF Board/IRAS/Banks

  • Computed CPF amount can be uploaded to CPF via CPF website

  • API Integration to IRAS for Submission of Employee Employment Income

  • Banks File format compliant to most Local Banks

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