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Real-time Tracking and Attendance Calculation

  • Immediate data transfer between mobile, biometric clocks and software without need for polling,

Tracks IN/OUT/Lateness/Overtime/ Undertime/Absentee/Leave

  • Auto calculation of attendance, computes Early/Late Overtime, support different OT rates and OT rounding rules configurable on department or global level

  • Exception reports for Lateness, Overtime, Undertime, Absentee and  Leave

Supports Unlimited Timetable and Shift Patterns

  • Extremely flexible, caters for all kinds of different shift patterns, flexible

  • Multiple shifts pairs can be assigned to one group or one individual

  • Caters for rotating shift work on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, yearly

Supports Auto Shift Based on Clock IN Time

  • Automatically assign the closest shift based on a list of shift timing for flexible shifts

Flexible Reporting, Customisable Report Formats

  • Comprehensive reporting for In/Out timings based on First In and Last Out

  • Customisable report columns and flexible fields for printing of reports

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