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All-in-one HR & Biometric Hardware Systems

We have been managing the largest projects in the region since 1994. We combine our hardware and software to provide a single integrated solution managed by Time Access International to reduce the number of vendors a business needs to work with for their system requirements.

Our HR Integrated Systems can be hosted on the cloud or on-premise, whilst our biometric devices, hardware range and mobile app can synchronize seamlessly to your servers in real-time.

Users of our integrated systems have exceeded 20,000 in headcount in a single project across multiple regions. 

Submit claims, apply for leave, manage company benefits, submit appraisal, check payslip, take attendance through our mobile app.

Manage your biometric devices, door access, CCTV, turnstiles through our cloud application.

Integrate our application to your accounting/inventory software, visitor management, ERP software, and others.

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