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Tech Lead

Job Description


  • Trusted Team Leader, able to align both Business Teams and the Technical Teams

  • Coordinate all phases of project delivery including planning, design, staging, implementation, migration, testing, handover, etc.

  • Work closely with and manage relevant product teams (QA, front end, back end, dev ops)  and business units to establish a set of requirements, align it with the team and help to build a delivery roadmap.

  • Be responsible for the performance and delivery outcomes of the development team.

  • Experienced with our tech stack and modern technology trends

  • Analyze current technologies used within the company and determine ways to improve the product through automation or optimization.

  • Document, update and monitor code delivery and efficiency

  • Responsible for assigning tasks on Jira for the development team, and set timelines that are in line with business objectives.

  • Responsible to communicate product managers'/specialists visions towards the development team, define clear goals for all aspects of a project and manage their proper execution

  • Responsible to lead, motivate, energize and encourage team members

  • Reports findings and results to business team members on a regular basis.

  • Provide occasional training and guidance to new team members to align the team towards a single, effective working style.

  • Prioritize and work within given resources, and advise specifically if additional technical resources are needed to complete business objectives.

Tech Stack:

  • Very good understanding and experience with Nodejs, React, ReactJS, ReactNative

  • Experience on Java, Linux, Python, Virtualization, OpenStack, Kubernetes, Containerisation.

  • Strong knowledge of technologies such as RESTful APIs, programming languages, CI/CD concepts,  cloud native development solutions (AWS as primary)


  • Excellent communication skills in English, with Mandarin as a preferred second language.

  • Master's or Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering preferred

  • Proven experience in full stack development and design architecture

  • Proven experience in engineering, dev ops and software architecture design.

  • Experience developing web and mobile applications, building infrastructure and managing cloud deployments

  • Leadership skills and experience in managing a team of developers are essential

  • Aligning technical objectives to business objectives is critical.

Bonus requirements:

  • Understanding and prior knowledge of the HRMS Industry

  • Having a source and network of developers from your country of origin.

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