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Better Data-Driven Business with Opensoft HR

If you want your company to:

  • get a holistic view on its future

  • streamline hiring

  • keep skill management cost-savvy


you need to be data-driven and strategic in your workforce planning.

If you are an OpensoftHR customer, good news for you!

As a corporate partner with IMDA in the Better Data-Driven Business (BDDB) programme,  this means that as a pre-existing user of OpensoftHR applications,you may now opt to integrate useful data tools* in your OpensoftHR platform.

*Please note this is only eligible for customers using the latest version of OpensoftHR eServices. Data tools are part of IMDA’s Better Data-Driven Business (BDDB) initiative.

How Being Data-Driven Can Help Your Business?

Minimize Speculation

Make decisions based on facts, so there will be much less biasness in your organization.

Identify Skill Gaps

Have a clearer idea of what’s lacking in your organization, so you can fix it as soon as possible.

Provide Real Evidence

Get concrete data on who is always on unplanned absence, and look into the impact of time attendance on performance.

Shape Your
Workforce Architecture

Optimise processes that build a happier, healthier and more productive workforce.

Get Accurate Insights

Spot key trends, See what’s working, Gather patterns in workforce behavior, Create better forecasts.

Identify Future
Workforce Demand

Understand how your workforce structure will look like if your company adapts its strategy and focuses on R&D.

Download the HR METRICS 101 pdf to understand why the following HR metrics are important and meaningful for your business:

  • Headcount Breakdown

  • Absenteeism Rate

  • Turnover Rate

  • Length of Service

  • Contract Type

  • Age Diversity


Get Actionable Workforce Planning Insights From Your Data

with the free desktop-based business intelligence (BI) tool integrated in OpensoftHR’s HRMS software.

Type of Data you can track

  • FTE and headcount

  • Age and gender distribution

  • Turnover Rate

  • Absenteeism Rate

  • Years of Service distribution

  • Contract Type breakdown


Let Your Workforce Data Help You Grow & Move Forward

Are you an existing customer? Let us know via the form below if you want to add the ‘Data’ tool to your OpensoftHR platform.

Not An Existing Customer?

Let us analyze your business and propose the best quote for you.


What Customers Say

More than 2000 customers put their trust in Opensoft. Here is what they have to say about us.

Great On-Site Support


Through recommendation, we purchased from Opensoft. We are very comfortable with the services provided by their staff. Their IT specialists implemented our system smoothly, in accordance to our users' requirements. They are very approachable, committed and dedicated in their work.

Ms. Woo, Director

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